Bio: Jean Claude Elie, AKA, RockMaster is the president of RockMasters Ent, promotion & marketing company serving the Haitian community. Jean Claude Elie has degrees in Mechanical Engineering from Queens Borough College, City College of NY, and a Masters Degree in Machine Design from the NJ Institute of Technology. His professional career started with E.I DuPont Company as a project engineer then specialized in the development of high speed automated machinery and robotic application. He then moved up to Manager of Engineering then director of operations. During this long career he took DJ as a hobby mixing American music and was a pioneer DJ experimenting in mixing Konpa music. He is also well respected for his MC skills. Latter RockMasters Ent, evolved into an Internet promotion co. with the first major Haitian e-mail database now totaling over 35,000 subscribers. In addition to organizing indoor events, the company organized in 2003 the first major outdoor Haitian event in NY, the “Haitian Family day” picnic, bringing together Haitians families from everywhere. The company also promoted Haitian culture with its association with the Mikerline Haitian dance Co.

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