Was it the Pope, the Messiah or Haiti’s Liberators delivered from Heaven? (A Must Read) – By Jean Claude Elie

HAITI’S CHANGING COLORS – PART 4: By Jean Claude Elie July 24, 2014

A Little Background

Following the prior 3 articles published on my blog,, I am releasing  this 4th  article to present  you with undisputable visual evidence of the ugliness of this national crisis which I entitled “Haiti’s Changing Colors – Sport Fanaticism or Treason?”

If you did not, read The previous 3 articles published on this subject, I encourage you to read  them before  viewing  the video featured below.  Here are the links:
Part 1–  Haiti’s Changing Colors – Extreme Fanaticism or Treason?
 Part 2 How Argentina ‘Eliminated’ Africans From Its History And Conscience

Part 3–  NY Times: Soccer’s Odd Bonding: When Brazil Scores, Haiti Roars

Before embarking on this project,  I pondered the thought many times. This subject has been disturbing me for years. But I was held back by the uncertain repercussion that I could expose myself from the self-proclaimed Haitian/Brazilians or Haitians/Argentineans. As you know, we are in large a nation fanatics, not open to objectivity and open minded criticism. The accepted norm in communication is that the loudest person wins the debate, thus  every discussion becomes a screaming argument.

But having witnessed this extreme behavior expressed itself at a chaotic level during the last world cup, the feeling of embarrassment got too much for me to bear. Then with my wife’s motivation, I decided to move ahead.

Surprising feedback

The feedback I received on the prior articles was overwhelmingly positive. I never realized that so many of us were equally disgusted with this lack of individual personality, national pride and respect for our blue and red colors.

Even more surprising was the fact that 100% of the replies were positive and in agreement.   I did not get ONE, not even ONE reply in disagreement. So what happened to the thousands of Haitian/Brazilians/Argentineans who wore those countries colors with such pride during the games?  Why was their silence so deafening?

The only expiation I could derive was that the articles touched a nerve. A nerve of guilt,  a nerve of conscience,  and the fear of being identified as one of those “Achte de Figi”. How does someone defend a behavior that is associated with lack of personal and national pride? The sudden manner in which they went into hiding was just amazing and unexpected. Guilt is a powerful feeling.


This takes me to the real purpose of this 4th  publication. The presentation of the video which led to this article being titled  “Was it the Pope,  the Messiah or Haiti’s Liberators delivered to us?

As a background, this video was filmed and distributed by Brazilians  to show to their countrymen how much Haitians are in love with Brazil. They divided the video in multiple chapters titled “The Passion, “The Love”, “The Emotions” that the Haitians people felt for them. Unfortunately, they forgot to include the most important chapter “HAITIANS STUPIDITY

In return for this love, they proceeded to pump 6 goals into the net of the demoralized Haitian team during this friendship game. No Pity

Anyone with one drop of Haitian blood would be disgusted. The video had over 200,000 views in Brazil

– Now watch this more recent video –
(Made last year – 2013)

This is not about Brazil, it’s not about Argentina and it’s not about the sport.  I am a football fan who respects and loves Brazil fooib all. My problem is not the love for one’s team. It the inexplicable and cult like behavior we express over  Brazil and Argentine. The extreme fanaticism and adoption of another country’s color. Finally our uncontrollable urge to priority and adopt what others have while ignoring what is ours. giving others priorities over nation our flag and our team is the problem

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14 comments on “Was it the Pope, the Messiah or Haiti’s Liberators delivered from Heaven? (A Must Read) – By Jean Claude Elie

  1. I’m glad you are bringing awareness to our people maybe they will wake up and smell the coffee. Keep distributing this video so us Haitians can realize and take stock to stop brown nosing and take pride in themselves their people and their country im very proud of you for bringing this to every ones attention it most embarrassing and insulting. Keep pushing the message hopefully you will make a change. Good luck.


  2. yes that is true , but we need to know that, not all of haitian people,whose suffer like that, so i am haitian i live in Brazil, i am studying in a great University in Brazil. Please we need your prayer. may God Bless you.


  3. Well their ignorance is bliss,they hold no awareness for those findings.it’s like trying to to make reason with autism children!


    • Have you changed yourself? What’s that got to do with autism? How insensitive to the people whose children may be autistic.
      Make a solid argument based on good reasoning. You’re indubitably not autistic, yet listen to the way you reason. Yes indeed, ignorance is bliss.
      The Spaniards are reputed for their savage acts in the Caribbean (not West Indies, for there had never been any India in the West) on the native “Americans”. The Italians’ reputation is no different for they buy into the racial concept of superiority. That was the perfect recipe to decimate the first inhabitants of Argentina, then the indwelling population of African descent. Argentina along with Brazil dispossessed Paraguay of a lot of land and natural resources during that war 1865-1870.
      The Dominican Republic was on the same course to whiten its population to the detriment of its identity and ancestral heritage. Trujillo did his best to wipe out people of African descent, though on a much smaller scale when compared to the genocide of Africans in Argentina.


  4. Viktwa pou HAITI nan non SENYE a ki chanje rev mwen nan travay li a , mwen te yon gran fout bole ,rev mwen se te pou m’ mennen Haiti nan koup du mond 2010 men pandan m tap priye pou Senye a fem reisi nan staj operasyon 2010 ,Senye JEZI te relem vin travay pou li . Mwen pat menen Haiti nan koup di mond 2010 men an 2010 mwen ta l an afrik di sid pou koz Levanjil di Kris . m espere pa bel pefemans nou komanse ap bay e pa yon revelasyon Senye a te ban m pou seleksyon Haisienn nan nap reisi koup du mond 2018 kanmenn ( paske etan mwen an nafrik mwen we na yon sonj seleksyon Haitienn ap fe final coup di mond 2018 ak seleksyon Bresilienn a ,yon dezienm fwa mwen we se vs a seleksyon Fransez la . deja m souete nou di kouraj e reisit … nou pa pou kont nou tout Haiti ave nou map prye pou nou Viktwa Haiti


  5. You have to understand that Haitians suffer the most devastating identity crisis known to mankind, due to illiteracy. Everything non-Haitian has a better outlook. There are no more patriots left in Haiti. You’re not a patriot, my parents aren’t patriots and most people in Haiti are not patriots. You can’t be patriotic when your goal is to escape Haiti for the next destination for a better life. Brazilians and Argentinians are better to them, because they offer better results and outcome. Psychologically, we have been doomed for a while. We are a nation with no direction. Mediocrity is acceptable and no one is willing to risk their lives to enforce change. The status quo remains. Just think about the fact that Haitians are willing to risk their lives over the deadly waters in the Caribbean sea to reach Florida, they are willing to allow themselves to be treated like animals in countries like Brazil, the Dominican republic and more, but they’re not willing to risk their lives to change Haiti. What does that tell you about the psyche of our people? Getting elected to any political office in Haiti is a quick scheme to riches. No allegiance to the country whatsoever on the part of the politicians.
    Haitians have very little to be patriotic about. Since I was a child, I have seen nothing but chaos in Haiti. Through no fault of my own, I was raised out of Haiti. My parents brought me here for a better life as a young kid, because they didn’t have the fight in them to fight for a better Haiti, as most Haitians do not. There’s no dignity, pride or anything left in Haiti. Haitians are proud abroad, while their country continues to suffer the brunt of poverty in the western hemisphere. Haitian politicians ought to be shot for not giving a damn about their country, and for stealing Haitian resources and allowing foreigners to steal whatever else remains.


  6. That is well said Richard. I grew up in Haiti and had the opportunity to leave after high school. It has been about 10 years and although I am missing home, I wonder whether I should go back in this instability. The sad part is that I am not alone and many of my friends have decided not to come back.


    • I left haiti when I was 16yrs.old, but i’ve learned to love and appreciate my beloved land. This is a free country, we all have the right to express what’s bothering us. from my perspective, those so called Haitians with a number of reasons for not wanting to go back simply have no idea just how much progress haiti is making. The white man is stealing Haiti under our noses and they don’t even see it. Some of you so called diasporas need to take a trip and find out about the beauty of our beaches and hotels built in the last 2years or so. Wake -up people


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